July 12, 2024

Americans’ Hopeful Outlook: Inflation Expectations Take a 3-Year Dive, Reveals NY Fed Survey

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Americans are experiencing a significant shift in their outlook on inflation, marking a notable drop to the lowest level in three years, as revealed by a recent New York Federal Reserve survey. In this blog post, we’ll explore the survey’s key findings, dissecting the reasons behind the decline in inflation expectations and delving into the potential implications for the economy.

1.) From 7.1% to 3%: The Plunge in Expectations

The survey highlights a substantial decrease in the median expectation among consumers, with the anticipated inflation rate for the next year plummeting from a high of 7.1% in June 2022 to a current level of 3%. This stark shift indicates a newfound optimism among Americans about the inflation trajectory.

2.) Long-Term Projections: Consumers Predict a Slowdown

Beyond the immediate future, consumers express optimism about a slowdown in price growth. Projections reveal inflation expectations hovering around 2.6% three years from now and stabilizing at 2.5% five years later. However, this remains above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, suggesting potential challenges in mitigating persistent inflationary pressures.

3.) Mixed Expectations on Costs: Food and Rent vs. College Education

Americans foresee a drop in the costs of essentials like food and rent over the next year. However, the survey unveils an exciting paradox as respondents anticipate a rise in the cost of a college education. We’ll explore the implications of these varied expectations on different sectors of the economy.

4.) The Survey’s Role in Shaping Policy

With insights derived from a rotating panel of 1,300 households, the New York Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Expectations plays a pivotal role in shaping the response of Fed policymakers to the ongoing inflation crisis. We’ll examine how these consumer perceptions influence inflation and contribute to a potential self-fulfilling prophecy.

5.) Chairman Powell’s Pledge: Navigating Back to 2%

Chairman Jerome Powell emphasizes the Federal Reserve’s unwavering commitment to deferring inflation to the 2% target goal. We’ll delve into the measures policymakers took, including 11 consecutive rate hikes in 16 months and the potential shift towards rate reductions in 2024 as signs of a cooling economy emerge.


As Americans recalibrate their expectations amid economic uncertainties, the NY Fed survey provides valuable insights into the collective mindset. The dynamics revealed in this survey not only impact the individual choices of consumers but also hold the key to how policymakers navigate the challenging terrain of inflation in the coming months.

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