Biden leaving billions of US military equipment in Afghanistan, Pompeo confirms is 'Horrific'

House GOP leads committee hearings holding Biden admin accountable for Afghan withdrawal

“It was a horrific decision President Biden made,” Pompeo said on “Mornings with Maria” Thursday. “And the fact that that equipment is now in the hands of our adversaries, the Taliban, who have every intention of continuing to kill and take on the United States of America, make no mistake, that is bad.”

On Tuesday, Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a U.S. Marine who survived the attack was moved to tears retelling the events to lawmakers.

“We had the loss of life, we had the loss of American power around the world, but it’s also the case now the Taliban has tools and equipment. They’ll struggle to maintain it, they’ll have problems, but make no mistake about it, that was part and parcel of the mistake that President Biden made,” Pompeo said.

The biggest challenge facing the Biden administration today, Pompeo noted, is the impression it left on the world stage after the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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