July 12, 2024

Breaking Down the Student Loan Standstill: Why 9 Million Americans Are Still Dodging Bills

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Student loan debt has been a longstanding issue in America, and as we head into 2024, the situation has taken a dramatic turn. Despite the resumption of federal student loan payments in October, 40% of the 22 million borrowers are still playing the waiting game. The Department of Education’s recent report unveils that approximately 9 million Americans must meet payment deadlines.

Unveiling the Numbers:

The three-year payment hiatus, initially implemented in March 2020 under former President Donald Trump, ended this fall. President Biden chose not to extend the pandemic-era pause, leading to the restart of federal student loan payments. However, the numbers paint a concerning picture. While most borrowers have made their first payment, the report suggests some need clarification or help with their options.

“While most borrowers have already made their first payment, others will need more time,” explains Education Department Under Secretary James Kvaal. “Some are confused or overwhelmed about their options. We want to make sure borrowers know that our top priority is to support student loan borrowers as they return to repayment.”

The Growing Burden:

Interest began accruing again on September 1, even though payments officially restarted in October. This means borrowers who haven’t made payments are witnessing their debt continue swaying. The average monthly bill falls between $200 and $299 per person, a significant financial strain for many, especially in the current economic climate.

“The resumption of student loan payments comes as consumers continue to face sky-high interest rates and chronic inflation, which has rapidly eroded their purchasing power,” warns a separate analysis from JPMorgan. The collective burden has reached a whopping $10 billion in payments per month.

A Financial Shockwave:

The timing of this resumption couldn’t be more precarious as Americans grapple with soaring interest rates and chronic inflation. The return of student loan payments can potentially deliver a financial shock to millions, hindering their ability to shop at major retailers like Target, Nike, Under Armour, and Gap.

Hope Dashed, but Efforts Persist:

Many borrowers had hoped for loan forgiveness, but the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s plan earlier this year. Despite this setback, the White House is persisting in its efforts to alleviate the burden of student loan debt. Initiatives have been announced, including the erasure of $127 billion in debt owed by about 3.6 million borrowers.


As we navigate the aftermath of the pandemic and the resurgence of student loan payments, the financial landscape for millions of Americans remains uncertain. The numbers tell a tale of economic struggle, confusion, and the pressing need for comprehensive solutions to tackle the ever-growing burden of student loan debt.

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