Democrats & Republicans: Voters Say Economy Is Getting Worse

A report by fox news states a recent poll has voters agreeing across the board.

Women under age 45 (77% polled), those with annual income below $50,000 (73% polled), and voters under age 35 (73% polled) are some of the most likely to feel things are getting worse.

In addition, voters are more likely to think the Biden administration’s actions on inflation are hurting or not making a difference rather than helping.

At differing levels, partisan voters agree that the economy is getting worse for their family, as majorities of Democrats, independents, and Republicans feel the same way. 

The president’s job approval remains below 50% on every issue surveyed, including the most  recent poll. Voters have given him his lowest marks on the economy (35% approve – 63% disapprove). More also disapprove than approve of Biden’s handling of guns (35% approve -62% disapprove), immigration (36% approve -61% disapprove), and national security (45% approve – 52% disapprove) as stated in a poll on Fox News. 

Negative job ratings would be a trouble sign for any president. But as Biden launches his re-election campaign without worry to the economy and his constituents. 

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